Our Story

This is how our story started, hope you like it!

The first days

Dentiflow started in 2015 with a team of passionate, creative, curious individuals that shares a common belief: No Dentist should suffer from extensive paperwork. We believe that your data should be safe and accessible no matter where you are, so we built a platform that integrates a high-end infrastructure to keep you covered. Our system has a built-in data-protection mechanism by protecting you from data loss & corruption caused by human errors, malicious intent, integration errors, and rogue applications.

What's a dental record?

A dental record is the detailed history of the illness, physical examination, diagnosis, treatment, and management of a patient. Dental professionals are compelled by law to produce and maintain adequate patient records. With the increasing awareness among the general public of legal issues surrounding healthcare, and with the worrying rise in malpractice cases, a thorough knowledge of dental record issues is essential for any practitioner. The ability of clinical practitioners to produce and maintain accurate dental records is essential for good quality patient care as well as it being a legal obligation. The dental record provides for the continuity of care for the patient and is critical in the event of a malpractice insurance claim.

What's our solution?

At Dentiflow we provide dentists comprehensive and accurate records which are a vital part of dental practice. Good record keeping is fundamental for good clinical practice and is an essential skill for practitioners. The primary purpose of maintaining dental records is to deliver quality patient care and follow-up. Dental records can also be used for forensic purposes and have an important role in teaching and research, as well as in legal matters. The code of practice on dental records documents the minimum requirements for recording and maintaining dental records and describes some of the underlying principles to be applied by the practitioners in their record keeping.


Dentiflow's focus is to provide you with a significant return on your investment and improves customer service for patients. Monitor patients, collect payments and streamline appointment management. Manage the day-to-day operations of your practice digitally with software that simplifies administrative procedures and provides easier access to patient information.